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The system consists of physical sensor nodes that are easily mounted onto motors with guidance from the Siana app. Once installed, you can kick back and watch as the nodes gather operation data, and send it to our cloud. In the cloud, the data is processed using machine learning and advanced signal processing algorithms. If the cloud detects an issue with a motor, you’ll be notified to perform maintenance. Through the intuitive web platform, you can always check up on of each of your motors – so you can get an overview of the overall state of your manufacturing plant.

Siana App for implementation


The implementation process of the Siana system has been designed to be simple and intuitive. Which means that you quickly and easily can get started with Condition Based Maintenance.

Technology overview


Our highly scaleable cloud runs advanced algorithms to process the operation data from the motors. Using machine learning, it can detect motor failures up to 1 month before they occur.

Siana platform


By logging into the web platform, you'll be able to get an overview of the health of all your Siana-monitored motors. You can also dive into the data to gain operational insights on specific motors.


Getting started with Predictive Maintenace

is extremely intuitive with Siana

Setup process with the App in a motor

Guided installation with the App

The installation of a sensor node revolves around the app, as it guides you through the mounting of the node, and automatically connects it to the cloud. Once a node is connected, the cloud will then complete the implementation.

How a Sensor Node is setup:


Connect to a Sensor Node by tapping it with a phone.


A 3D instruction will guide you through the mounting process.


Once installed on a machine, the Sensor Node will automatically connect and configure with our Cloud.


When done, our system will initiate Predictive Maintenance onto your machine. You're all good to go.


A technology developed for maintenance

and entirely new opportunities

Overview of the Siana Technology
The App

Can be used to effortlessly setup a Sensor Node. Additionally, it can also act as a search tool, to help localize nodes that have shown signs of failure on the platform. The App can also assist you when you’re on the go, as it sends notification alerts about upcoming failures and can provide an overview over all the machines, just as the platform.

The Sensor Node

Has an important job. It collects data from the machines it’s mounted onto and sends it to the cloud. As data collection is the foundation of the system, the nodes are built with reliability in mind. Each node is manufactured in Europe, using high-end components, and has been tested for industrial use. A Sensor Node is both water and dust resistant, completely wireless and has a battery life that often outlives the machine it's mounted to.

The Cloud

Receives the data from all the deployed Sensor Nodes and performs advanced data processing using artificial intelligence. With multiple machine learning processing pipelines, it generates multiple sources of extracted information, that can enable failure predictions of up to 1 month prior. All of this information is then translated into more human-readable results and sent to the Platform.

The Platform

Is designed to help you conveniently interpret the results from the data processing in the cloud. It provides a simple overview of all the installed Nodes, so that you can quickly glance over the entire health state of the manufacturing plant. While the cross-integration between the Cloud and the Platform provides a simple and convenient environment for intuitive condition-based maintenance, you can just as well dive into the more advanced aspects of the data processing provided by the cloud.


A window into the health state of the facility

An overview at a quick glance

The dashboard of the Siana platform

The platform is designed to give a quick and simple overview of the health states on all of the integrated motors. It'll push the most worn motors to the top, so they're easy to track and keep an eye on. The platform will help you interpret the results of our algorithms, and give you a good understanding of how your manufacturing facility is doing, and when it's time to perform maintenance on specific motors.


Most of the platform revolves around the Dashboard. It illustrates the health of the integrated motors, by showing multiple colors. These color indicators coupled with failure/anomaly detections are the primary way to interpret the health of a motor.